We write music for those that feel unheard of, to let them know they are heard.
For those that feel like they don’t belong, to give them a place to feel at home.
For those that feel lonely, to show them they are not alone.
For those that feel hopeless, to convince them there is hope.
We write music because we believe music connects.

This band is about more than just music. In a society where everyone wants to be themselves,
but not to be alone, we believe that art has a place for everything.
In a world where everything is moving so fast, we find art as a place to unwind.
We hope you can find yourself in the music we write, in the words we speak.

Upcoming dates

– November 14th     Café de Bel [Rotterdam]

– January 29th         StudioGonz [Gouda]

– March 13th            StudioGonz [Gouda]